GRUNDTVIG Lernpartnerschaft

We will bring together and share our different approaches based on the shared value of responsibility, inclusion and ownership of involved citizens. We will discover places of integration of methods to enhance learning for all, staff as well as participating and future learners.We will also focus on the similarities and the differences of the central eastern experience and make comparatives to the western European experiences.

The comparative work will take place by combining training and study visits to partner organizations with presentation of methods and visits to local associated organizations in the host country. The closing meeting will explore how community based learning can build capacity, dialogue and empowerment to engage citizens in community living. Each country will also work to assess how the integration of approaches can enhance the work within the respective targets groups.


The result will provide each country the basis for a potential new, long-term proposal for how to integrate the methods as new pedagogical approaches that are community based outside the formal educational institutions.

Programme of Amsterdam Visit October 2010

Agenda of Partnership Meeting in Oslo, Norway: February 3th-6th 2011

ABCDE Learning Partnership Outcomes and Best Practices-Summary of ifak perspective